Seek God

Seeking God is at the heart of worship and an essential element in growing to look like Jesus. As we seek God’s face, we commit ourselves to entering into His presence and experiencing the joy, purpose, and renewal that comes from being with our Father. God has promised that each time we gather together, He will meet us there. In worship, we are given the privilege of interacting with the Godhead.

Whenever we seek God, we have the opportunity to experience transformation. Seeking the face of the Lord opens our lives up to His power and grace for us. Each time we seek God, He continues to work His great purpose in us — to help us look like Jesus. Seeking God in worship calls us to a place of deep surrender. In seeking Him, we turn our faces away from the world, sin, selfishness, and pride, and put ourselves fully into the hands of our God. We honor the truth that He is the Potter and we are the clay. We surrender to His work in our lives and His desire to shape us into the likeness of Jesus.