What to Expect

As you enter the Spring Creek Church of Christ, prepare to be warmly greeted. We want you to know that you are a welcome guest and an honored friend. Your presence with us is a blessing from God. Each Sunday morning, the elders will take a moment to welcome you and invite us all to seek God, meet Jesus, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform our lives.

Our worship takes place in community with God and His people. We worship together from the heart with a sincere love for the Lord. All expressions of faith are done with the intent of meeting Jesus during our worship time.

As we come together in worship, we sing from the heart. The songs we sing are chosen to help direct our minds and hearts toward Jesus. This is a time when the people of God raise its voices in harmony to praise, glorify, and honor the presence of God among us.

Our community is best expressed in the Lord’s Supper as we gather as the Body of Christ around the table to remember the central event of our faith – the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. This is a time of reflection, celebration, and surrender. Jesus has given Himself to us and for us, and so we give our lives to Him and live for His glory.

As the people of God, we know that God is in control of our lives, thoughts, bodies, and possessions. We give a portion of what we have each Sunday as an act of surrender, confirming God’s sovereignty in every part of our lives. This money is used to support the discipleship process at Spring Creek, promote growth and faith in those around us, and to help those in need.

We spend time in each worship assembly studying the Word of God. We read the Bible to hear God’s voice in our lives. We center our hearts on Jesus during a time of meditation at communion. The preaching is Christ-centered and draws our hearts to better experience the deep impact that Jesus has on every moment of our lives.

Every part of our worship is bathed in prayer. The Spring Creek Church of Christ seeks to walk only where God is leading. We seek His counsel in our actions, His mercy in our failings, His love in our relationships, and His healing in our bodies. Prayer is the way that we carry on a conversation with God that lasts through the week.

At the close of our worship time together, one of the elders will spend some time announcing opportunities for spiritual growth (such as fellowship and study times). Significant events in the lives of our members are important to the Spring Creek family and so we share these times together as well. The bulletin also provides much of the information shared in the announcements.

While our worship services are a community expression of our relationship with God, we want to remember that worship is a vital part of every Christian’s life. Our daily walk with Him is a response to what God has done for us through Jesus. We worship Him by loving others and being the presence of Jesus in the world.

We invite you to come and worship with us. The Spring Creek Church of Christ is a place to meet Jesus. Join us – He is waiting to meet you!