International Missions

Spring Creek Church of Christ Serves Others by supporting various mission efforts around the world. By helping others lift up Jesus, we learn what it means to be a servant of Jesus. Some of the mission opportunities that we help support are:

Jordan - Bryan and Sharon Waters

Bryan and Sharon are partnering with local Christians in the Middle East to serve Syrian refugees displaced by the civil war in Syria. In addition, Sharon will also use her vocation as a veterinarian to partner with Christian Veterinarian Missions, working on projects that will allow the refugees to have food and income opportunities.

Christ for India – R. Sudhakar Rao
R. Sudhakar Rao is the minister for the Gallizerugalla Church of Christ in Bestawarpet, Mandal- Andra Pradesh, S. India. He is the son of a preacher and has worked in and among the poorer villages in Andra Pradesh since his youth. Sudhakar works among the people teaching the gospel message to the lost, assisting widows and orphans, and teaching reading and writing skills to the poor villagers who cannot afford the expensive schools that are provided by the state. He and his wife Nirmala, and their three children minister in many ways to the people in their village and the traveling preachers who come and stay and train to preach. Sudhakar and his family are dedicated servants with an excellent reputation among the saints in India, he has been preaching for 18 years.

Sudhakar organizes the work of approximately 41 traveling preachers in his area helping to evangelize and assist 53 congregations of the Church of Christ in Andra Pradesh. He serves with the Christ for India mission team to help lift up Jesus. More information can be found at

Namibia - Peter Manuel
Peter Manuel is the minister at the Athlone church of Christ in Capetown, South Africa.

Niteroi, Brazil - Ben Rogers
The goal of the Niteroi Mission Team is to establish a New Testament church in the city of Niteroi, Brazil. The prayer is that God will begin raising up Brazilian leaders who will eventually take charge of the church as elders, deacons, and ministers. The hope is that this church plant will serve as a 'flagship' church, eventually taking on new church plants in the surrounding area.

Ben grew up in Santiago, Chile where his parents were missionaries for almost 8 years. Juliana was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where she grew up with her devout Christian parents, her sister, and two brothers. Ben and Juliana met in Belo Horizonte, Brazil while he was a member of AIM. Ben and Juliana have 2 boys, Daniel and Jonah.

For more information about the mission and the team in Niteroi, Brazil, please visit

World Bible Translation Center
World Bible Translation Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1973 in Arlington, Texas. A handful of people began the Center's work with the common desire to see God's Word accurately translated in a simple and clear way into the world's languages.

The Center has printed and distributed 18,538,065 Bibles and New Testaments throughout its history. In addition, it has provided Scripture portions and internet downloads of its texts in the tens of millions.

World Bible Translation Center is a ministry that is focused on world evangelism. All who are involved in this work believe strongly that the time, energy, and finances invested in producing understandable Scriptures will multiply the effectiveness of those working on the front lines of missions. More information can be found at