Share Life

Sharing Life is one of the great blessings of being part of the family of God. Joining us together through the blood of Jesus, God moves us into relationship with others who have made the same commitment, share the same hope, experience the same grace, and walk in the same direction. As we share life in the name and body of Christ, we help each other take on God’s great purpose for our lives—to look like Jesus.

Sharing Life in Christ goes deeper than a casual hello or sitting at the same table for a meal. It calls us to share the details of our lives, the movement of God in our hearts, and the journey we are called to walk with Him.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 give us an intimate portrait of friends committed to living with God in the center of their relationship. Spiritual friendships help us look like Jesus by encouraging us to depend on each other, lift each other up, comfort and encourage one another, and strengthen and protect each other. As we share life together in a relationship defined and empowered by the cross, we are shaped to look more and more like Jesus.