Study the Bible

God wants you to know Him. Stop and think about how amazing that is for a moment. The Lord of Heaven and Earth, the Almighty One, the Great and Glorious God wants you to know His heart. He longs to share Himself with you, to know and be known by you. That is why we have the Bible. It is a gift to us from God Himself in which He reveals His heart, His holiness, His power, His glory, and His great desire for you. It chronicles all of the ways in which He has moved on your behalf since before eternity began. It is filled with promises about how He wants to work in your life today and the dreams He holds for your future together. Bible study opens the door into the presence of God. As we step into the pages of His Word, we learn the information that allows us to understand who God is and how He moves on our behalf. Illumination shines from the pages of the Bible, capturing the Light of the World in each word and sentence. Transformation is the ultimate goal of Bible study. As we meet Jesus in the pages of the Word, we are changed—shaped for His glory and His purpose.