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February daily Bible reading

Posted by Amanda Waters on OP8er @ 8:07 PM

Did you know you can read the New Testament this year by reading just one chapter a day -- less than 10 minutes? Give it a try! Here is the plan for February. If you want, click on the chapter link and it will take you directly to that chapter (English Standard Version). Recruit a friend to read along with you and hold each other accountable! (New Testament Reading Plan adapted from the Navigator Discipleship Tool by Mark Bogart and Peter Mayberry)

February 1

Acts 1

February 2

Acts 2

February 3

Acts 3

February 4

Acts 4

February 5

Acts 5

February 6

Acts 6

February 7

Acts 7

February 8

Acts 8

February 9

Acts 9

February 10


February 11

Acts 10

February 12

Acts 11

February 13

Acts 12

February 14

Acts 13

February 15

Acts 14

February 16

Acts 15

February 17

Acts 16

February 18


February 19

Acts 17

February 20

Acts 18

February 21

Acts 19

February 22

Acts 20

February 23

Acts 21

February 24

Acts 22

February 25

Acts 23

February 26

Acts 24

February 27

Acts 25

February 28

Acts 26


Love One Another

Posted by Bill Rasco on OP9er @ 9:12 PM

If you have attended Spring Creek for a while, you have seen a baptism. It you have seen a baptism at Spring Creek, you have had a chance to stand in a Welcome Circle. The Welcome Circle is a time when we honor a family, group, or individual who has just been born again through the blood of Jesus in baptism. It is a time when we sing together, pray together, and make promises together. We promise to pray for, encourage, hold accountable, and love our new brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a time to affirm the family relationship we share with each other. It is a time to express the joy felt in heaven and all across the globe as someone surrenders their life to Christ. It is a time to say “I love you. Welcome to the family of God.” In John 13:35, Jesus says that the world knows we are His because of the love we share for each other. When we look like Jesus, the world knows our identity, our allegiances, and the love that is embedded in our hearts.

Date Reading
June 11 John 13:1-30
June 12 John 13:31-14:14
June 13 John 14:15-31
June 14 John 15
June 15 John 16:1-16
June 16 John 16:17-33
June 17 John 17
June 18 John 18:1-24

The Healer

Posted by Amanda Waters on OP9er @ 9:32 PM

Posted on  by Bill Rasco

I don’t know his name, but I know his problem. Mark 5 tells us that there was “a man with an evil spirit.” His life is a mess. No clothes, no dignity, his body is ravaged by evil. He is bloody and bruised, a man beaten down by the malevolent spirit that inhabits his life. He runs here and there. No control, no sanity, lost. When Jesus speaks to him, the demons beg for mercy. Jesus has eyes for the man’s pain and torment. He sends the demons into a herd of pigs feeding nearby. The pigs stampede to their death, and a curious group of people come to see what has happened. There sits the man, “dressed and in his right mind.” It is not as uncommon as we like to think. I see people like this every day. I see it in the mirror. People with messy lives. No dignity, no hope, and no chance to fix it by themselves. Thank God that Jesus still moves. That He still heals the broken. That He still vanquishes evil. Thank God that Jesus has the power to bring sanity to my chaos.

1. Where have you experienced the healing of Jesus in the past?

2. What does Jesus need to heal in you today? Is it a relationship, a habit, or maybe a persistent sin.

3. How does Jesus confront the sin in your life? How will you respond to Jesus?

Date Reading
February 26 Mark 5:1–20
February 27 Mark 5:21–43
February 28 Mark 6:1–13
February 29 Mark 6:14–29
March 1 Mark 6:30–56
March 2 Mark 7:1–23
March 3 Mark 7:24–37
March 4 Mark 8:1–21


The Lord’s Commitment

Posted by Ken Martin on OP11er @ 11:11 PM

Matthew 23-26 contains difficult words, but deep truth. Facing the cross, Christ’s final teachings urgently point to our need to fully commit to a relationship with God. Jesus begins by confronting the religious elite and outlining seven woes or barriers which keep them from living in God’s kingdom and grace. Jesus then speaks of the uncertainty of life and the difficulty His followers will face in the last days, the time between the crucifixion and His second coming. Even the parables that Jesus tells at this time are difficult. Virgins, sheep and goats, hidden talents – repeated pictures of following or denying Christ. What does it all mean? In Matthew 26:26-27, Jesus sits down to eat with His disciples and these difficult words find their context. Jesus takes bread and wine, painting a picture of sacrifice and devotion. He is willing to give all in order to walk in the lives of those who desire a relationship with Him. It is an invitation to walk close and be intimate with the Savior. Answering the invitation requires nothing less than a commitment of our entire selves.

1. Is there anything in your life that is not fully committed to God? How will you begin to surrender that part of your life this week?

2. Which parable speaks most loudly to you? Why?

3. What influences that surround you need to be confronted? How will you stand faithfully with God this week?

4. How does the commitment of Jesus to go to the cross encourage you to walk more closely with Him?


Date Reading
February 5 Matthew 23:1-19
February 6 Matthew 23:20-39
February 7 Matthew 24:1-35
February 8 Matthew 24:36-51
February 9 Matthew 25:1-13
February 10 Matthew 25:14-30
February 11 Matthew 25:31-26:13
February 12 Matthew 26:14-30
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